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It has been a decade that doctors have connected technology with medicine. And now you did too. With just a few clicks, you can do your research on disease conditions and symptoms online. You can get information about nearly everything. Prescriptions, supplements, and even shaped band-aids can be delivered to your door if you need any. But to see your provider and connect with him, you still need to visit the office, where you have to sit in a germ-filled waiting room. But now, things have changed; with telemedicine, technology has made healthcare something which it's rarely been- Convenient. 

What is Telemedicine ?
Telemedicine is mainly a general term that covers all the ways that you and your doctor can use technology to talk with each other without being in the same room. This technology can be anything. It can be phone calls, video calls, emails, or even texts. That is why people call it digital medicine, telehealth, or e-health. 

Who uses it? 
If by any chance, your doctor offers you the option, all you need to use for telemedicine is reliable internet, a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop. Telemedicine is no doubt a convenient tool for everyone, but it's especially helpful if you have limited time, movement, or scope of getting transportation easily, when you need medical care while away from home or when a person lives in a rural area, far from the doctor's office. 

How does telemedicine work? 
You can get telemedical services in two ways. But that entirely depends on what your doctor offers. However, two of the most common ways are- 

  • A patient portal- A patient portal lets you send and help you get emails from your doctors or nurse. All you need is a secure username and password. From refilling the prescriptions to setting up for appointments, a patient portal can take care of everything. 
  • Virtual appointments- Some doctors can help you to have an appointment through video conference or a phone call. Telemedicine often helps you arrange meetings with mental and behavioral health professionals and urgent care clinics.

Benefits Of Information Technology In Healthcare 
Technology has evolved through our lives and society, leading us into an unpredictable yet exciting future. Among all the advanced and modern technology, information technology has introduced Electronic Health Records to us as a significant advancement.  
Information technology has been a prominent part of the healthcare industry for a long time, mainly used to gather patient and clinical information. It not just only handles all the documents, but it also allows patients and clinicians to access lifesaving information across the world. However, we have seen other notable benefits of information technology in healthcare that no one can deny.  

Reduced Tests and The Procedure Redundancy 
HER or Electronic Health Record facilitates sharing patient information and removing unnecessary medical procedures and tests to reduce pain, discomfort, medical expenses, and potential risk. With this technology's help, patients can easily authorize their caregivers to access essential information automatically. 

Improvement In the Patient Treatment 
Information technology helps healthcare practitioners to collect and store patient information, including diagnosis records, treatment schedule information, vaccination, allergic reactions, medical history, test results, etc. Information technology provides a streamlined and complete system that enables them to communicate with the patients and offer them more effective care. 

Improved Quality of Care 
The wide range of clinics, hospitals, and independent practices provide the proper care for most patients. The history of the patients mainly keeps proper track of their medical history, past symptoms, allergic responses, etc. Not having access to any of these data points for a patient because of the lack of the healthcare IT system is extremely inconvenient. But the interoperability gives them complete access and visibility. 

Reduced Costs 
You can save money by buying wireless networking devices and telecom from a reliable healthcare information technology company. With the help of this technology, you can manage large staff and automate routine operations to get the proper information whenever needed.  

Personalized Care and Treatment Plans 
The new technology allows healthcare experts and health institutions to provide their patients with personalized care. They can also plan their customized treatments based on their medical history, developed symptoms, etc. since all can be stored in the cloud-based technology. 
Reduction In the Medical Errors 
Medical errors are a major concern in the hospitality industry since it involves manual processes. But now, technology has solved this problem by automating everything to minimize the chances of medical errors and save more lives. The advanced Clinical Decision Support System allows medical professionals to get patient-specific medical information. 
Fast and Improved Communication Between Medical Professionals and Patients 
The patient portal of the EHR allows the patients to review their prescriptions, histories, and test results. They can get customized treatment by communicating with their healthcare professionals faster than ever.  

Even though telemedicine can help you in every way, it certainly cannot replace all doctor visits. If you have a long-run illness, it is suggested that you must visit your doctor immediately. 


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