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In Cricket world Australia always played a dominant role. Australia has won maximum number of World Cup in combined one-day matches and T-20 Series for six times. In the Test Cricket matches this Team has won 404 times.

Under the captaincy of Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting, Australian Team was at the peak of success and the Team who has won the maximum number of matches. It was declared as the strongest team in the starting of 21st Century.

Later on Indian Cricket Team came forward and they broke all the legacy of Australian Team. In the past few years not only the India Team has started defeating the Australian Team, but they are now also started dominating over them. They are winning matches as well hearts on the Indian land as well as on Australian lands.

India continuously has defeated Australia in the last 3 Test Series in a queue. Among these 3 series 2 of them were won in their home land. In the last 19 years not even the single match has won by Australia on the land of India. The last match which the Australian Team has won on the Indian land is 6669 days old.

In between 1996 to 2007, 7 Test Series were played between India and Australia. India and Australia both won 3-3 series, 1 series between them was declared draw. After 2008, India aroused with full energy and started dominating over the Australia. Starting from 2008 till date the both teams have played 8 Test Series, in which India has secured it’s winning place in 6 series and 2 series were won by Australia.

The interesting thing here to know is that Australia secured 2 series in their home condition only while India defeated them not only on the Indian land but also 2 times on their home land as well.

When talking about the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 15 Test Series have been played between India and Australia since it started. Among the 15 Test Series played, 9 were in the name of Indian Cricket Team while 5 were secured by Australia. 1 Series left draw between the Teams. This Test Series played every 2 years.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy to kickstart tomorrow on 9th Feb

As of January 2021, India holds the Border-Gavaskar Trophy after winning the Test Series.  The first match of 2023-24 of this Series is all set to be played tomorrow on 9th Feb at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur under the Captaincy of Rohit Sharma.

Everyone is waiting this to be happened with the strong hope and believe that the Trophy this year also will make it home in India only.


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