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When people think of yoga, they seem to get a picture of monks sitting in a specific position and deep concentration in their minds. Some people even think of challenging, difficult positions and difficult breathing methods. But the reality is that yoga for stamina disperses these misinterpretations and leads you to a much easy way to build forbearance. Yoga is a spiritual practice and is believed to have its origin in India. In Indian culture, it is more than just a method of relaxation or stretching; it is a way to find the inner self and satisfaction. And the benefits that you can get from this practice will undoubtedly surprise you once you make it a daily habit. 

Some yoga poses to build stamina

Majority of people who has a working life or busy schedule like to include yoga in their everyday lifestyle. It aids their stress and builds strength. The moment you fully involve yourself in practicing yoga, you will be able to concentrate more on your work and give your best. But do all the yoga poses work the same? 
Well, of course not. Let's learn about some poses that work on body strength and stamina. 

1. Navasana or Boat Pose 

Navasana is categorized as a more basic pose that gives you a stronger core. This asana is also called boat pose. First, you need to lie straight and then lean backwards and pick your feet off the ground. Then take your arms forward and stay like that for a minute. Now release and repeat. This asana is very effective in starting the routine. Make this pose a norm for your body.

2. The ultimate legged Straddle pose or Konasana

The straddle pose is considered one of the favourites among many yoga learners. It works on the body's blood circulation and helps it reach the pelvic and groin area. To do this pose: 
1. Sit straight and flex your legs. 
2. Spread them apart until you feel comfortable. 
3. Slowly come down to the ground, hold for a couple of seconds, and then repeat. 
Doing this asana four times a day can bestow you with excellent results. 

3. Child's pose or Balasana
This pose is mainly known for relaxing the body, mind and other external senses. A child's pose is one of the effective ones to relieve stress and improve your concentration. First, kneel and make your back arched. Now stretch both hands in front of you where the palms should be resting on the floor. Hold this pose for ten seconds and repeat it. It is known as the stress buster and heals several dangerous conditions. 

4. Dhanurasana 
This asana mainly focuses on the stretching of the entire body. It helps to boost digestion and weight loss, and blood circulation. The more you practice this pose, the more flexible you'll become. First, lie on the stomach, then pull the feet with your hand and pull it backwards. Your body should look like a bow, as the name suggests. Hold this position for a minute, then repeat it. Dhanurasana is a well-known yoga pose everyone can do to improve their overall health. The bow pose offers several advantages, such as weight reduction, better spinal health, digestion, improved blood circulation, etc. 

5. Vakrasana or twisted pose 
This one is most effective for your stomach. It helps to reduce belly fat and also improves digestion. To do this pose, you need to take a posture of steady stance first, then place the right foot beside the left side. Your one hand should be on the knees of your right leg, and the other hand should be a wee bit away from your body. Keep your spine straight and focus on breathing. Hold this pose for a few minutes, and then repeat it. 

6. Kakasana or Crow pose
This asana is for improving their focus, eliminating sluggishness, and maintaining physical and mental balance. Kakasana mainly helps you stretch your wrists, arms, and forearm muscles. Try this pose first by doing the squat, and don't forget to keep the legs a little bit apart. Then place the hands firmly on the ground, and by constantly focusing on the balance, uplift your body. 
This pose makes your body and mind feel light. This is a difficult post, but you can also master this with practice.

7. Halasana or Plough Pose  

Want to tackle obesity? Try doing Halasana. This pose is well-known for revitalizing the inner organs; it cures constipation, indigestion, etc. To begin with, this pose, first lie on your back and place your hands on each side. Then lift the legs all over the head, making a 180º angle. 
Practicing yoga for stamina is an absolute choice, without any doubt. Above mentioned poses mainly work on strengthening the core, improving blood circulation, tone the pelvic area and calming the body and mind. So, it works on mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Therefore, include yoga in your everyday routine. Make yoga a part of your lifestyle, and you will see the results how it is maintaining a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle.

Best Yoga Poses For Your Health  
Yoga beginners find yoga practices intimidating as it involves certain bending, twisting, and lifting of body parts. But they must remember that a simple yoga pose can benefit them in multiple ways. Below are some of the best yoga poses for your health. 

1. Surya Namaskar

It is a very simple pose that is very helpful in developing a strong and flexible spine. It is a full-body exercise that is beneficial for multiple things. It improves metabolism and blood circulation and strengthens body muscles.

2. Pranayama
It is a basic breathing exercise that impacts your overall health positively. It is good for lowering stress, improving concentration, maintaining blood pressure, promoting better sleep, improving cognitive function, etc. 

3. Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose
It is the best Yoga for those who suffer from spine-related problems. It is also a therapeutic solution for asthma patients. This particular mainly strengthens your spine and promotes flexibility in the shoulders and abdomen. 

4. Fish Pose Or Matyasana 
This yoga pose also involves muscle stretching, which offers comfort to your shoulders, throat, and neck. It is also very beneficial for releasing certain tension, anxiety, and stress. 



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