Revolutionary Idea and Successful Businesses - 23rd February 2023 Episode 39 S2

A brand specializing in protein products suitable for all ages, along with an innovative medicine storage system and a cloud-based kitchen concept that aims to minimize food waste, present their business proposals on Shark Tank.

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Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 39

A family-friendly protein brand named “Gladful”, a smart medicine box called “Pharmallama”, a kolkata-based cloud kitchen called “Crave Raja Foods” came to the stage of Shark Tank to raise investments.


Let's have the complete glimpse of the episode.

Gladful: Revolutionizing Family-Friendly Protein Snacks



One of the remarkable ideas presented on Shark Tank India was Gladful, a family-friendly protein snacks brand founded by Parul and Manu from Jaipur. Recognizing that 73% of Indians are protein deficient, the duo set out to create nutritious and tasty protein-packed products such as protein cookies, breakfast mixes, and dessert bites.

Gladful's products provide an excellent alternative to regular diets, as they contain 4-6g of protein per serving. For instance, their protein-rich chilla contains 8-9g of protein, while their delicious cookies offer 4g of protein per serving. This makes them an ideal choice for children who require an additional protein boost in their diet.

In their Shark Tank pitch, Parul and Manu sought a ₹50 lakh investment in exchange for a 2% equity stake in the company. The Sharks were impressed by the taste of Gladful's products and saw the potential for growth in the protein snacks market. Aman, Namita, and Amit were the Sharks who made an offer to invest ₹50 lakh for a combined 4% equity share. However, Anupam stood out as he focused on making a meaningful deal for the founders, ultimately leading to a successful investment. The deal was closed with Aman, Namita, and Amit for ₹50 lakh in exchange for a 3% equity share.


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Pharmallama: Transforming the Pharmacy Experience with Automation



Another groundbreaking idea that caught the attention of the Sharks was Pharmallama, presented by Achintya, Arjun, and Deepesh from Bangalore and Jaipur. Pharmallama aimed to revolutionize the way medicines are dispensed by providing personalized medicine sachets with all the necessary details, printed through proprietary technology and automation.

With the help of their technology, Pharmallama's machines understand the prescription and create small sachets with the required medication, including the name, dose, days, time, and quantity. This innovative approach simplifies the process for patients and ensures they receive the correct medication.

Seeking a ₹1 crore investment for a 1.5% equity share, the founders impressed the Sharks with their automated pharmacy concept. Pharmallama had already acquired over 5000 customers since its inception in April 2022. The company's strategic partnership with ACG Pam Pac ensured the availability of automation and machinery required for their operations.


Pharmallama's unique selling proposition was their commitment to selling only the required number of tablets, rather than complete packs, which saves customers money and reduces wastage. However, the Sharks noted that the prices of medicines on Pharmallama were approximately 15% higher than those offered by other online pharmacies. Despite this concern, all the Sharks were interested in investing in Pharmallama, and a deal was eventually closed with all the Sharks collectively investing ₹2 crore for a 5% equity share, with each Shark holding a 1% stake.

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Crave Ke Raja: A Flavorful Cloud Kitchen Experience



Crave Ke Raja, a Kolkata-based cloud kitchen, brought a unique concept to Shark Tank India. Founders Subhabrata and Soupaul showcased their business, which aimed to minimize food waste by utilizing one ingredient in multiple meals and regularly changing their menus to cater to evolving market tastes.

The founders sought a ₹65 lakh investment in exchange for a 3% equity stake in Crave Ke Raja. Their cloud kitchen model impressed the Sharks, as it allowed them to serve four different meals while maintaining a central kitchen that supplied three other cloud kitchens in Kolkata. This efficient setup ensured optimized operations and increased reach.


The Sharks had the opportunity to taste Crave Ke Raja's meals during the pitch, and all of them expressed their appreciation for the food's delightful flavors. With a revenue of ₹4.1 crore and over 10,000 reviews on Zomato, Crave Ke Raja had already proven its popularity among customers.

Despite the positive reception, Aman decided to opt out of the deal due to concerns about the founders' level of commitment. The other Sharks also chose not to invest, resulting in no deal being made for Crave Ke Raja.

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VA Perfume Product: The World of Aromatic Agarbattis

Amit presented his business, VA Perfume Product, which specialized in manufacturing night and devotional agarbattis. His innovative approach involved creating night agarbattis in various flavors to enhance moods and create a pleasant ambiance. The company had achieved significant sales of ₹70 lakh within seven months, with 75% of the revenue coming from night agarbattis and 40% from devotional agarbattis.

Seeking a ₹1 crore investment for a 10% equity stake, Amit hoped to secure a deal on Shark Tank India. However, none of the Sharks felt compelled to invest in VA Perfume Product, and the opportunity passed.

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Shark Tank India continues to be a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their revolutionary ideas and successful businesses. The examples highlighted in this article, including Gladful, Pharmallama, Crave Ke Raja, and VA Perfume Product, demonstrate the diverse range of innovative concepts that have graced the Shark Tank India stage.

These entrepreneurs have leveraged their unique ideas and business models to address market gaps and provide valuable solutions to consumers. While not every pitch results in a successful investment deal, the exposure and feedback gained from the Sharks can propel these entrepreneurs toward greater success.

As the Shark Tank India journey continues, we can expect to witness more groundbreaking ideas and successful businesses that have the potential to shape industries and improve lives. Stay tuned for the next episode, where new entrepreneurs will step onto the stage, hoping to secure the investment they need to take their ventures to the next level.

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