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A family-friendly protein brand named “Gladful”, a smart medicine box called “Pharmallama”, a kolkata-based cloud kitchen called “Crave Raja Foods” came to the stage of Shark Tank to raise investments.

Let's have the complete glimpse of the episode.

1. Gladful
Parul and Manu from Jaipur came to the stage of Shark Tank with their brand “Gladful” which is a family-friendly protein snacks business. The products include protein cookies, breakfast mixes, dessert bites etc. According to founders' research, 73% of Indians are protein deficient. If a child weigh 30 kg, then 30-40g daily protein is required to be added to the diet which is not fulfilled with the pulses and other regular diets. Their products contain 4-6g protein per serve. 

They were seeking ₹50 lakhs for 2% equity in the company.


They are available on their website and other marketplaces. They have sold 60000 units since they have started in Jan 2022. They have done ₹1 Cr sales in 9 months. In a complete day there are occasion like breakfast, lunch, dinner where children eat the food with full appetite. There are 2-3 more occasion in a day where child needs to eat something and they catch up for the packaged foods, chips, cookies etc. Instead of giving them packaged foods at those times why not give them protein diets that adds up for the day.

All Sharks love the taste of their products when presented to them. Their chilla contains 8-9g protein, 2 cookies serve 4g proteins.

Peyush stands out of the deal as he cannot contribute much in the category. Aman, Namita given a combined offer of ₹50 Lakh for 4%. Anupam given an offer for 3.84% Amit also given the same offer for 3.5%. 

After listening to the other offers, Anupam stands out of the deal as his motto was just to contribute in making a good and meaningful deal for the founders. His purpose was fulfilled.

Founders ask all the three Sharks – Aman, Namita & Amit to come onboard for 3.5% equity share. 

The deal was closed with the 3 Sharks for ₹50 lakh/3% equity.

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2. Pharmallama
Achintya, Arjun from Bangalore and Deepesh from Jaipur came with their brand “Pharmallama”. Their idea is to provide the medicine in the small sachet with every detail on the sachet for the patient. With the Proprietary Tech, the machine understands the prescription and according to that it creates the small sachet of the medicine by automation with name, dose, days, time, quantity printed over the sachet.

They were seeking ₹1 Cr for 1.5 equity share.


Started in April 2022, they have acquired 5000 plus customers. They are the India’s first automated pharmacy. For the automation and machines, they have tie up with ACG Pam Pac. ACG are their strategic partners for 3 years of locking period. To order the medicine from them is easy as customer need to upload a clear picture of their prescription. Once uploaded, pharmacist verifies it for the date and check for the valid prescription. During processing of the order, pharmacist make call to the customer to inform the price and everything. The plus point in their medicine order is that they only sell the required number of tablets and not the complete pack of the tablets which saves the customer money and wastage. After the confirmation for the price order go for processing and packaging to the pharmacy where medicines pass through quality check and sachet created with all the details mentioned on each & every sachet with the automation. The price per packaging per order is as low as ₹20.

Currently they are labelling the sachet in the English language only but soon they will be starting in every language.

When presented to Sharks they were all impressed with the packaging that has been done with automation process. The current drawback of their business is that they are selling the medicines on MRP which is approximately 15% high from other online pharmacies.

Considering all the factors, All the Sharks were interested and ready to invest in their business. After few of the discussion and counter-counter, the deal was closed with all the Sharks for ₹2 Cr for 5% equity share, 1% for each Shark.

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3. Crave Ke Raja
Subhabrata and Soupaul from Kolkata came to the stage of the Shark Tank. They are running the cloud kitchen business with the minimum food waste as they are using one ingredient for different meals and changing their menu’s regularly according to the market taste. They have 4 different meals currently. They are having a Central Kitchen which serves other 3 cloud kitchens in Kolkata.

They were seeking ₹65 lakh for 3% equity.


They presented their meals to the Sharks and all were liked the taste of the food. Till date they have generated a revenue of ₹4.1 Cr. They mentioned that they have got 10000 reviews on Zomato.

Aman stands out of the deal due to the reason that founders are not yet completely in into the business. Other Sharks as well were out of the deal. 

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No deal was happened for Crave Ke Raja. 

4. VA Perfume Product 
Amit is into the business of Night & Devotional Agarbattis. He has profounded night agarbattis in different flavors which enhanced the moods. He was seeking ₹1 Cr for 10% equity. In the last 7 month since they started have done the sales of ₹70 lakh in total with the margins of 75% from night and 40% from devotional agarbattis. 

No deal happened for VA as all the Sharks were out from the deal. 

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