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1. Do you Present Well
Our mind is a tremendous gift where it strongly remembers every experience and information that comes in our life. This can also be transformed into an extraordinary imagination. But if you lose control over your imagination, if you lose the discrimination between the imagination and reality or what is future, what is present and what is past; then your mind will become your greatest enemy. 

Most of the people are not suffering from life or anything else. They are just suffering from their old bad memories and their imagination. What happen ten years ago in their life, disturb their night sleeps till now and they suffer. What may happen day after tomorrow, make them suffer today.

Actually, this is not about life or something else. This is lack of control over two most fantastic faculties that human beings have – a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination.

Try to understand this
Why are you worrying about your future. If you do your present well, your future will automatically blossom. You need to understand that You can only work with what’s in your hands right now. You cannot work with what’s in your mind. You can plan for what’s in your mind but you cannot do anything else with or about it except handwork to achieve it.

You can only act or live in the present moment. You can only handle what is there right now. 

2. Pay Attention to Creation
Those people who are to absorb in their own thoughts and emotions are observed constantly being on social media or something else. First of all, you must get rid of your phone and take a walk to street or go on trek or just to the garden near your house.

If it is not possible every day, at least one or two days in a month, you go and get lost somewhere. Just be in nature, all by yourself, walk, sit, observe and enjoy. If you pay enough attention, you will see you will be so powerfully filled with love by every little thing in the existence.
The growth process of a single flower is too much for you and your intelligence to grasp exactly how it has grown.

Those who had not turned their eyes to the creation, get too filled with their own mental creations and their thoughts, their emotions become more important than the creator’s creation that means you have become a perception tragedy who had not realized the nature of life at all.

We know lot of things; we can do lot of things. But we do not know anything in the whole. So, this is the nature of the existence. If you pay attention to it, naturally, your own thought and emotion will sink to the background.
You can still enjoy them. But you will know how insignificant it is.

3. Don't become too Serious

It is very important that if you want to experience the multifarious dimensions of life, you have to be non – serious. You become serious only because you have taken your own existence too seriously, though we exist here for a minuscule amount of time in this universe. This is the vast universe. The solar system in which we exist is a speck. In that planet earth is a micro speck. In thar micro speck, the town you live is a super micro speck and in that you have become a big man and this is the reason why you are so serious about life. It's a short amount of time that you have as life. In this if you take yourself too seriously then you are one big joke. The rule of happy life is to see everything with non –serious eye but to be totally involved like a game. So let us be a game for life. 

4. It's a Short Life
It's a short life, by only doing what you truly care, life will really become worthwhile. 
If genuine involvement has to come in your life, for you to give yourself absolutely hundred percent, you must be doing something that truly matters to you. It's very important to find that really matter to you.  

Please, now you don’t have to spend half of your life looking for what is your passion.

You just have to dig into the ability of you making everything yours. When everything is yours, this whole world is yours, this universe is yours.  Then it will be the part of you and if you involve yourself absolutely and constantly strive to create what matters to you, what you really care for, then your existence itself will be worthwhile, not depend on your action, not on what you had achieved and what you had not. 
But your existence will be truly worthwhile because just to breathe and be is a FACT.  
There are no greater phenomena than life. 


Kush Dadhich

Kush is very enthusiastic and passionate person. He is having very good and in depth knowledge in various areas & fields. His piece of works are very well researched and readers attention gaining.

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