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What is mental health? 
Mental health is not a destination; but a process, a drive with a few bumps on the road but eventually leads you to your happy place. We are in a generation where mental health has become subjectively vocal, approachable and positive, making people facing such roadblocks open their horizons of approach. With a deeper understanding, mental health as a phenomenon can easily be redefined as a growing phase. It's through mental health awareness that an individual can acknowledge their strengths, reframe their mindsets and create a new beginning.  
As we indulge in the digital age, Mental health has not only been normalised, but support groups have emerged to create a sense of being heard while practicing empathy. This has not only made people speak about it openly but also embrace it effortlessly. Open conversations at the onset of mental health issues have helped people experiencing it become vulnerable and find the right way to deal with it. Whether seeking comfort in a friend or opting out for clinical help, it's now easier to raise awareness while sorting the needed help. The more one talks about, the more shared experiences bringing to light how many people have suffered in silence while finally coming out victorious. 

How can one help themselves in a mental health crisis?

  • Allow yourself to feel every emotion. Happy, sad or anxious. Know that it is only human to have mixed emotions many times a day while you cut yourself slack. Don't be hard on yourself for feeling the way you do. 
  • Practice yoga or any physical activity. Understanding how your body needs an activity to vent out all the negative emotions releases endorphins, having a direct impact on your mood and thought process. 
  • ​​​​​​​Talk to a friend or a family member if you feel you want to be heard. The best part about talking to a friend or a loved one frees you from the guilt and the burden of attracting mental health issues.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​Take some time off. Indulge in one habit that you have always enjoyed. Make time for an activity like painting or dancing, or simply going for a movie to take the lid off the hot stove.  
  • Seek clinical help. Treat mental health like a viral cold. Known when professionals need to step in and not be your doctor. Do not hesitate; remember, certain stubborn colds need special care.
  • ​​​​​​​Spend more time with people you love or join a support group. When sorrows are shared, they turn into experiences. You will find solace in knowing you’re not alone in this battle.
  • Try meditation. Meditation and spirituality can bring you a new direction and help build faith. 

Awareness about mental health
Whether a senior citizen or a teen, mental health issues have become so common and prominent that they strike you at any given point in life. If anyone around you is suffering in silence or you notice a behavioral change in a friend, take an effort to ask them to bring about comfort. Mental health has been immensely compromised, especially since Covid Hit. As life gets back to routine, remember to check up on people around you and help them express themselves.  
We as a society should not only take a conscious effort to reduce the stigma around “mental health” but also openly share our experiences that may raise a sense of ease to the ears that can use inspiration.  
Lastly, remember not to let mental health consume you. It is just a chapter of your book called life, not the whole of it. Have you wondered about the most common root cause that challenges mental health?  



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