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We’ve often witnessed how some individuals will either prefer a fad diet to shed a few pounds or eat everything and work out in the gym for hours. Understanding how neither avoiding food nor binge eating while gyming may never give you the desired healthy lifestyle or weight loss goal.
Fitness goes hand in hand with nutrition to form a healthy lifestyle – one without the other is incomplete. One cannot adopt one healthy habit and neglect another without having an imbalance in your lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, exercise alone will not help you with weight loss or stimulate your metabolism. Healthy eating accounts for roughly 70%  of the work, with exercise being the rest.
The proper nutrition will help you obtain the body you desire, improve your self-confidence and boost your fitness performance. You cannot exercise extensively and expect the best results, especially if you’re not feeding your body with the right foods. Food is fuel, and it provides the nutrients and the vitamins we need to lose weight; exercising will help you manage the lost weight.

When do you need to change your lifestyle?

  • When you gain weight rapidly. Weight gain is known to compromise one’s heart health. Over time, fatty deposits on the arteries can increase the chances of heart attack, cholesterol levels and triglycerides.
  • When good sleep is a big challenge. When you gain extensive weight or are malnutrition, sleep is the first thing that is compromised.
  • Days are depressingly predictable, and you feel stuck in the same dull patterns.
  • Even when you do your best to be socially out there and upbeat, you feel disappointed.
  • When even a simple task or chore takes a gallon of effort for you to complete.
  • Your anxieties get the better of you so much that you either can’t sleep or they start to penetrate your dreams.
  • You might feel stressed with work or your relationship and have stopped focusing on what you’re eating or getting enough exercise.

Lifestyle changes to bring to sustain good health:

  • Remember, everybody type is different. Each of our metabolisms is different and responds differently to food and exercise. So start by including basic dietary food and exercise as simple as brisk walking.
  • Seek professional help that helps you build a combination of exercises or a personalised plan to fight the fat war.
  • Fewer hours of sleep in the night can increase the secretion of the hunger hormones that make one eat more or trigger mindless emotional eating, so create a bedtime routine.
  • Gradually upgrade yourself from walking to jogging to weight training. Make small sustainable changes.
  • Avoid sugar intake and replace your sugary drinks with a natural substitute such as coconut water to keep your hydration level.
  • Opt for nutrition-dense foods which are low or moderate in calories. Use healthy methods of cooking like grilling, steaming, roasting, etc.
  • Avoid processed, canned, and fried foods. Do not skip or delay your meals. Have your dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to sleep.
  • Engage in activities you enjoy like swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, walking, jogging, running, yoga, strength training, Pilates etc.

Remember, the change first comes through mental stimulation. Your mind already knows what your body can achieve. So focus on your well-being by simply creating a set of positive beliefs that help you focus on your physical health for the long term.

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