Know Your Cricketer: Hardik Pandya; Nickname Kung Fu Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a versatile cricketer from Gujarat who excels in both batting and bowling. His elder brother Krunal Pandya is also a cricketer and shares the same passion for the sport.

By Crickified Mohit
Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya during IPL 2023

  Personal Information
  Full Name Hardik Pandya
  Date of Birth October 11th, 1993
  Current Team(s) Indian Cricket Team Indian Cricket Team
Gujarat Titans Gujarat Titans (GT)
  Role Allrounder
  Batting Style Right Hand Bat
  Bowling Style Right Arm Medium Fast
  Debut January 26th, 2016
  Jersey No. 33


Hardik Pandya, popularly known as "Kung Fu Pandya," is a talented cricketer hailing from Surat, Gujarat. Hardik made a significant impact on the world of cricket with his explosive batting and valuable contributions as a fast-medium bowler. This article takes an in-depth look at Hardik Pandya's journey, from his early life and cricketing career to his remarkable achievements and current role as the captain of the Gujarat Titans. Join us as we explore the fascinating story of this dynamic allrounder.

Early Life and Cricketing Journey
Hardik Pandya was born on October 11th, 1993, in Surat, Gujarat, to Himanshu Pandya and Nalini Pandya. At the age of five, his family moved to Vadodara to provide him and his elder brother, Krunal Pandya, better cricketing opportunities. It was in Vadodara that Hardik's passion for cricket began to flourish.


Rise to Prominence
Hardik Pandya's rise to prominence began when he represented Baroda in the 2013-14 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. His valuable contributions played a crucial role in Baroda's victory in the tournament. In the 2016 edition of the same tournament, Pandya showcased his true potential by scoring an unbeaten 86 runs, including eight sixes, to secure the trophy for his team.

International Debut
In 2016, Hardik Pandya made his T20 International debut against Australia at the age of 22. He impressed everyone with his performance, taking two wickets and showcasing his prowess with both bat and ball. Later that year, he made his ODI debut against New Zealand, becoming the player of the match and the fourth Indian cricketer to achieve this milestone in ODI cricket. During the group stages of the ICC Champions Trophy, Pandya made headlines by hitting three consecutive sixes.

Remarkable Achievements
Hardik Pandya's career is marked by several remarkable achievements. In a match against England in 2022, he achieved a rare feat of scoring 51 runs and taking four crucial wickets. This performance made him the first Indian cricketer to achieve a half-century and four wickets in a single T20I and ODI tournament. His versatility and ability to contribute in both batting and bowling make him a valuable asset to any team.


What is the nickname of Hardik Pandya?
Hardik Pandya well known as "Kung fu Pandya" as well as with "Hard Hitter Hardik".

IPL Career

Hardik Pandya has been a prominent figure in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He played for the Mumbai Indians from 2015 to 2021, contributing significantly to the team's success. In 2022, he was purchased by the Gujarat Titans and was appointed as the team's captain. Under his leadership, the Gujarat Titans clinched their first IPL title in 2022 and finished as the Runner-Up in the following year, 2023.

Career Stats:
As a batsman, Hardik Pandya has showcased his power-hitting skills and ability to accelerate the run-rate. Hardik Pandya's bowling skills have been instrumental in providing breakthroughs for his team. Let's take a look at his career statistics across various formats:



  Hardik's Batting Stats
  Format Mat Inns NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100s 50s 4s 6s
  Test 11 18 1 532 108 31.29 720 73.88 1 4 68 12
  ODI 74 55 7 1584 92 33.00 1414 112.02 0 9 121 60
  T20I 87 67 17 1271 71 25.42 894 142.17 0 3 92 65
  FC 29 46 1 1351 108 30.02 2382 56.71 1 10 167 24
  LIST A 95 73 12 1918 92 31.44 1806 106.20 0 11 141 69
  T20 239 208 61 4348 91 29.57 3113 139.67 0 17 317 225


  Hardik's Bowling Stats
  Format Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts Avg Eco SR 4w 5w 10w
  Test 11 19 937 528 17 31.05 3.38 55.1 0 1 0
  ODI 74 69 2896 2711 72 37.65 5.61 40.2 1 0 0
  T20I 87 76 1343 1824 69 26.43 8.14 19.4 3 0 0
  FC 29 39 2694 1486 48 30.95 3.30 56.1 0 3 0
  LIST A 95 83 3646 3314 88 37.65 5.45 41.4 1 0 0
  T20 239 185 3085 4183 148 28.26 8.13 20.8 3 0 0

Hardik Pandya's journey from a young boy with dreams of playing cricket to becoming a dynamic allrounder and captain of the Gujarat Titans is truly inspiring. His ability to contribute with both bat and ball has made him a valuable asset for the Indian cricket team and various franchises in the IPL. With his explosive batting, power-hitting skills, and ability to take crucial wickets, Hardik Pandya has carved a niche for himself in the world of cricket. As he continues to evolve and impress with his performances, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in his remarkable career.

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