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Ayurveda Says - Sleep is a Temporary Death
Sleep means inertia and when interia goes beyond a certain point then its turns into Death. So, in easy words, sleep is a temporary death which offers Rest to you. In previous article, we had discussed about the maintenance of the body. Sleep is the maintenance time of the body and the maintenance time should be only 10 to 30 percent of the total working hours.

If you need to sleep 8 to 9 hours in a day which some people are saying is the standard time, then you are wasting 20 to 30 percent of your life by just dreaming in the bed. This is the horribly inefficient perception of a what a human machine is.

We need to understand this, that the requirement is the quality of the sleep not the quantity of the sleep. Each time when we go to the bed our body do not need sleep, many times our body just required some relaxation. Or in easy worlds we can say, at the place of 3 hours sleep in afternoon many time your body just need the power nap of just 30 minutes.

So now the question is, if the 8 hours of sleep rule is a myth then how much sleep is enough?
The answer is simple, it is neither depend on the food we eat nor on the water we drink or anything else. It is simply depends on the physical activity that you are performing in a day. Calculating or estimating or planning the hours of a sleep is the foolish way. The best thing is that your body should not sleep with the reminder of your phone and should not wake up with the noise of your alarm.

Each one of us had different lifestyle, different tasks and different routine. You just need to fulfil the requirement of your body and slowly your body will reduce its requirement to the certain point.

There shouldn’t be limitation or time boundation on activities like sleep. If your body need the rest of 4 hours a day then you will sleep for 4 hours a day whereas if your body need the sleep of 6 hours a day then you should sleep for 6 hours. By giving the proper amount of rest to the body your sleep quota will automatically get adjusted according to the need of the body.

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