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Intermittent Fasting or IF has become an increasingly popular method – the fad diet over the past few years that may lead to outcomes like: 

  • Weight lose 
  • Increased cognition 
  • Improved overall body composition  

It is not very sustainable for a good number of people interested in making long-term lifestyle changes. Before you go forward and start adopting the ways of intermittent fasting, you should know about the Pros and Cons of IF. 

intermittent fasting

What Are the Pros of IF or Intermittent Fasting? 

  • Intermittent Fasting or IF has some good number of benefits for your overall health
  • It is easy as no need to give up your favorite foods or track calories every time
  • Pick a new eating schedule and stick to it
  • You should consume foods only between afternoon to 8 night or you can take your food at the gap of 16 hours
  • You need not use tracking apps to count calories
  • Intermittent Fasting is based on the idea of eating only within certain hours of the day that will surely lead to good health
  • You need not worry about calorie counting
  • You should also keep in mind that you are consuming enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fluids daily
  • It is important for your overall health

IF or Intermittent Fasting is the right contributor to the way that leads to weight loss. It is the right source and fastest way to lose belly fat and overall body fat.

What Are the Cons of IF?
Everything is not in favor of IF, there are some cons too that are associated with this way of fasting.

  • It can be the cause of losing energy – reduce energy stores causing increased hunger and fatigue
  • It may cause overeating usually during the after-dinner hours. If it occurs to some more days, it will result in extra weight
  • It is not sustainable long-term 

Before start IF or even adopting any other mode of losing weight fast, you should make a plan and consult with experts too. Before stepping in the revolutionary way of losing weight fast or to stay dependent on fasting, you should also consult with dietitian or consult with experts who can guide you to move on the right track step by step. Their suggestion will help you in moving on right track of success.

Is There Something More than IF or Intermittent Fasting?
Apart from Intermittent Fasting, there are also some other ways that can be revolutionary steps for you. The crucial thing is to adopt the right mode that is convenient and you can afford it to lose weight. Some other ways are mentioned here:

fasting options

Periodic Fast: it is the most extreme type one – that lasts several days or longer. These diets involve drinking only calorie-free fluids or very few calories for long stretches to get the body into full fasting mode.

Time-Restricted Feeding: It is another way of consuming calories only for a 4-6 hours each day like skipping breakfast and eating lunch only or take your supper early.

A Plant-Based Diet or Fasting on Mimicking Diet: It can be another way of fasting to lose weight or gain benefits in other ways. It is a plant-based diet – involves eating a few calories through foods like energy bars, soups, and energy drinks.

Your control over fast food will surely help you in a number of ways. If you can say bye-bye to the platter of fast foods or high calorie foods, it will be just like fasting and provide you with some good health benefits. 

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