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A convertible tricycle or balance bike came on the stage of shark tank which is made in india with sustainable woods and child-friendly. Let's have the complete glimpse of the episode.

1. Tipayi
Tipayi, as the name suggest is the company who deals with manufacturing of tricycles. It is not just tricycle but it is much more. Prem Kale a young 22 year old entrepreneur came to the show with his concept of balance bikes. These bikes are manufactured in India with sustainable woods. It is a 3-stage convertible bikes suitable for the children of age group 1-6 years

Founders ask was for ₹50 lakhs for 10% equity.

tipayi - the balace bike

Prem said that he was an early drop out from the school and he manufactured his first bike at the age of 17. He has patented the design of his product. Tipayi was started in 2019 with the first Financial Year sales of worth ₹50000. The lifetime sales of the products is ₹26.5 lakh. The price of the bike is around ₹5000.

Peyush was impressed with logo, name and the designs. He shown his interest in purchasing the bike for his child. He made him an offer for ₹5 lakh for 10% equity and ₹45 lakh debt for 12% interest rate. However, Prem was not looking for the debt deal and hence declined politely. There was no deal happened for Tipayi.

2. DigiQure E-Clinic
Working in the field of Telemedicine and Healthcare IT to provide the healthcare services by proving clinical management as well as by the telemedicine to the rural and remote inhabitants, Akanksh and Soumen brought their idea to pitch before sharks.

They are providing online Doctor consultation through their ‘Saksham’ for ₹1 per day fee. They have completed more that 4000 successful checkups and consultations. They were seeking ₹40 lakh for 4% equity in their clinic.

DigiQure E-Clinic

Vineet and Namita were the first to give them the combined offer for ₹40 lakh at 20% equity with the condition of merging their business with Telemedicine gig. Namita later revised her later to 15%.

Peyush made an offer for ₹1 Cr for 25% equity as he wanted to become equal partner in the mission and he also put the same condition. Anupam also appreciated them and was ready to join them on the same offer.

Founders given a counter offer to Namita for the deal to shake hand for ₹40 lakh at 10%. Vineeta stands herself out of the deal. The deal was closed with Namita.

3. Nirmalaya
Bharat, Surbhi and Rajeev brought their range of organic and pure CSIR certified products called Nirmalaya. They are producing essential oils, ittars, low carbon content agarbattis, organic gulal etc. from the floral waste collected from the Temples.

Their ask was for ₹60 lakhs for 6% equity.


They have started in 2020 and the sale for the year was ₹29 lakh which was later grew to ₹3 Cr in the last financial year. In this financial year they were projecting the sales of around ₹8 Cr. They majorly have the women workforce working on the projects.

As they are really doing well and has already raised the previous round of funding, Sharks believed that they don’t even need to raise more round of funding at this point of time and they can grow their business very well. On this note the episode come to an end with No deal happened for Nirmalaya.


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