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When work predominates over life, people fail to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. Designing a perfect life circle is critical because multiple layers are attached to life, and work is one of them. Moreover, work is something that does not only impact a person’s mental and physical side; it helps you to grow. So, maintaining a perfect balance in life becomes essential. In short, an excellent work-life balance falls under the state of mind where one can equally prioritize career and personal life.
For example, helping the employees cope with the crisis of balanced work life and personal life is getting recognition in the offices. Companies notice the increasing number of employees going through the combat between work and personal roles.
What is the need for this balance, you ask?
Well, work life balance includes less stress
. You can achieve a perfectly healthy life with a lower stretch of work and a greater sense of well-being. So, here are some steps necessary for you to catch the pace!

Ensuring mental health
As per the quote, ‘a healthy body is equal to a healthy mind”, so the great way to experience it includes regular exercise, healthy food, and less workload. Otherwise, if not driven well, excessive work pressure can indulge you with heavy odds. And if this happens, there is a chance you’ll experience unnecessary rage in your workplace due to various reasons. Stress-related illness and depressions are some of them. So, don’t forget to take care of your mental health.

Maintaining physical health
Your office requires hardworking, innovative, and productive employees. But it is next to impossible for someone who hasn’t yet added a healthy routine to their lifestyle. Therefore, your physical, mental and emotional health should be your prime concern. A timely exercise, proper meal, and good sleep are basic tenants for your mind to fly or feel active. Therefore, prioritize your physical health first.

Make time for you and your loved ones
Your life does not need to get revolved around the job. You must learn to maintain the harmony of work and life. You should prioritize the activities you love to do. Spending time with the family or hobbies you love; a maintained work-life requires willful actions. Make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones instead of binding yourself to the work-load-chain.

Schedule work hour
To avoid burnout, set your boundaries for work; although slowly but steadily, numerous companies are embracing the advancement of technology, and it is no longer restricted for people to work in the office landscape. So, whether you are working from home or present at the workplace, maintain your personal life and professional life and thereby schedule your comfy hour.
However, work-life balance means different things to different people because everyone has various commitments to fulfil their desire. If you want to govern your lifestyle according to your will, try to examine your priorities periodically, make changes where necessary, and observe if you’re on track!

The choice of career 
Choosing a career is essential, but it's only one part of the equation. To maintain a work-life balance, you must be passionate about your work. If your job doesn't fulfill or excite you, it won't be easy to find satisfaction in your life outside of work. You also want to ensure that the job fits the goals and dreams that are important to you personally. 
For instance, if someone wants children but their current career doesn't allow for enough time off during the day or night, then changing jobs might be necessary before they can achieve their goal of having a family.  
The final consideration when choosing a career is how much money it will bring in over time due to expenses, retirement savings, and other long-term goals.  

Organizational Culture 
Organizational culture is one of the most critical Factors Affecting Work life Balance and employee satisfaction. It reflects the values and beliefs of an organization, which are reflected in how people behave in that organization. 

The workload is the amount of work that you are given to do. Managing your workload and ensuring it does not impact your work-life balance is essential. If your workload is too high, it can affect both how much time you spend working and the quality of your work. 

Compensation and Benefits 

Compensation and benefits are often considered the same, but they're not. Compensation is what you earn in the form of a paycheck. Benefits are perks you can receive as part of your job that isn't directly related to your salaries, such as health insurance or retirement plans. 
While compensation is undoubtedly crucial to many people, especially those with families to support or who live in high-cost areas, it's also good to consider how much time off you have each week to plan your schedule accordingly. If an employer offers generous vacation time but requires employees to work long hours each day, then working there may not be sustainable for someone trying to balance work and personal life. 

Leave Policy 
A good leave policy is a key to maintaining a work-life balance. It allows you to spend time with your loved ones and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you don't have a good leave policy, it may be difficult for you to achieve a work-life balance. 

Flexible working hours can help with work life balance problems and solutions 
Flexible working hours are a common way to resolve Work Life Balance Problems and Solutions. They can help you get more done in less time, avoid rush hour traffic, and reduce stress by letting you avoid commuter traffic. Flexible working hours can benefit employees and employers by allowing workers to schedule work around other obligations that may not be flexible or predictable (such as childcare). 

Social life at work (colleagues, activities, team spirit) 
Social life at work is essential. It can be a stress reliever, help you bond with your colleagues, and even help you bond with your company. 
Let's take the example of two employees who sit next to each other in an open office plan. One employee spends his day chatting with his colleague about his weekend plans and upcoming vacation while the other sits quietly at her desk, focused on her projects. Let's say both employees have similar jobs and responsibilities, so neither is more productive than the other daily. But if they get along, they might finish their projects earlier or stay late to finish them together (if there is overtime available) due to their team effort.

Work-life balance is all about ensuring you enjoy your work while maintaining your personal life. The factors that affect work-life balance are as varied as people themselves. Still, when considering your options, it would be wise to consider these critical points before making any decision. 


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