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According to Ayurveda - Sleep is not a requirement in one's life.

What the body requires is Rest, and Sleep is the simplest form of Rest. In India, 90% of the people think Rest means sleeping. But do you know – you can sit and you can feel rest or you can stand and you can feel relaxed.
How? If you are standing for 2 hours, then you just sit at one place and you will feel absolute Rest.  So, at the end of the day, if our body just requires rest, then the question is “What is Rest?”

Rest means changing the enery equation where consumption is lowered, production is going on at the same pace. 

After taking the sufficient amount of Rest you will feel young & energetic because consumption has been lowered in your body. If your body will get the sufficient & particular type of Rest which will be depending on your day activity then you will see that your sleep quota will naturally shrink.

Take Rest as much as you want but try to minimize your sleep. Try to take Rest in different manners. Everyday you just need to keep your body restful and at the ease and just be easy and relaxed whenever you feel tired.

Its an observation that if you just sit relaxed and free for 40-50 minutes a day then you can reduce your sleep by half an hour. You can also try this exercise at your home.

Just enjoy the each and everything you do in your day. Do not hurry with your work. If you spend your day in this manner then you will automatically get the relaxed in night and naturally your sleep quota will get down.

There is a beautiful quote –  If you are not at Ease that means you are in Dis-ease.

Now there are few tips which will help you to sleep less and still feel Restful in your day to day activities:

  • Try to eat fresh food as much as possible. If you are eating cooked food then try to consume it within 90 minutes because after 90 minutes the inertia will start setting in and if you eat food with high inertia then the body will automatically becomes lethargic.
  • There are some people who think that unless they load themselves with food, they cannot fall asleep. If you are one among them then you need to change alot. Science & Ayurveda says that 70% of the food that you eat will go waste if you fall asleep within two hours of eating. You must give sufficient time for digestion to happen before sleep and if you will not do this then your complete food and sleep cycle will get damaged.
  • The other thing is Mediation and Yogasan. One of the simplest thing you can do is just 15 minutes before going to sleep , keep all your gadgets i.e. mobile, smart watch, headphones, TV remote etc away from you, go to your bed, keep your head towards the South, lay down in straight position, make sure you are laying in correct posture, close your eyes and then breath in & breath out for almost 8-9 minutes.

All these things will definitely help you to Sleep Less and be Relaxed.


Kush Dadhich

Kush is very enthusiastic and passionate person. He is having very good and in depth knowledge in various areas & fields. His piece of works are very well researched and readers attention gaining.

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