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What if the men working at your shop follow the instructions of the owner of your next-door shop’s owner? You will definitely feel angry. Same happens when your mind does not follow your instructions and it changes according to the circumstances, you will create anxiety.

But if your worker follows all your instructions and work according to your conditions and needs, then you will stay happy. Same when your own Physiology and Psychological patterns will take and follow all the instructions given by you, you will surely lead to a stress-free life.

In simple words, the only problem behind the complete theory is that you are not able to have your mind the way you want it. The reason may be anything behind this; the family pressure, society pressure and can be anything.

But after sitting quietly for 10 minutes, all these reasons are the garbage of bin.

Actually, you have an intellect for which you don’t have a stable enough platform. or you have a good team of workers with you but they are not working according to your needs.

Note, that it's your own mind which is causing all the pain to you. It's your own team which is not working according to your needs. So, in this case, will you remove the workers from work?

No. You do not need to remove the workers from the work, you just need to manage their work. You have to told them and manage them in such a manner that they are for you and they need to work for you.

Same, you need to manage your mind in such a manner that it is all yours and it should not work according to the others or the situation created by others. You cannot remove the mind from the body all you need to do is just clean its way and show him the right place of work where you want it to work.


Kush Dadhich

Kush is very enthusiastic and passionate person. He is having very good and in depth knowledge in various areas & fields. His piece of works are very well researched and readers attention gaining.

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