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Nowadays , there is a popular phase at the mouth of each one of us and that is Stress Management. Every third person we meet is suffering from some or the other disease and the reason given to them by the doctor is Stress.

So, the question arise; How to Manage Stress? The answer is as simple as the question.

First of all we need to understand that why we need to manage the stress. We manage things which are precious to us. Like our family, friendships, our relationships, our businesses, our earnings, our properties, our vehicles and many more. Anything which is precious to us, we will manage it. But I don’t know, why would somebody want to manage stress? Is it so precious to us, is we love it so much that we cannot live without it or what?

People had made the perspective that stress is the part of their body and lifestyle. But stress is not the part of you. You get stressful because you do not know how to handle your mind.

No one is paying an attention on how to handle their mind, their emotion, their body and health. Everyone is running only behind the stress. But they don’t know that handling the emotion, body and health is the only way to manage stress.

What we are doing is managing such a sophisticated system in a rough manner. And being stressful is a natural outcome of such unconscious way of living. There is no other way to be.

Right now, you think that your job is stressful. But when you were a student, being a student was stressful for you. When you had come out of the college and was unable to find the job you were so stressed and now when you are in a job, its more stressful. If you don’t get married, that is very stressful. If you get married, you will pull your hairs out of stress.

So, it is not your job or your life situations which are stressful, it's the way of dealing with day-to-day activities.

Stress is happening to you because of your inability to manage your own work. In simple words, not knowing how to manage your work is Stressfulness. And, if the work happened the way you want it, then you wouldn’t be stressful. 

According to me, there is no need of any kind of therapy etc. for manging stress. Only thing you need to practice is that organize your day in a good and a convenient manner and you will lead to a perfect non-stress life. 


Kush Dadhich

Kush is very enthusiastic and passionate person. He is having very good and in depth knowledge in various areas & fields. His piece of works are very well researched and readers attention gaining.

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