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One of the most important thing that you must be aware during the Winters is that every day when you eat different or certain type of food you must keep the track on how quickly it get digest and become the part of your body. In winter if you create the gap of 5-6 hours between the two meals with no other Ingestion in between, you will feel the cleansing process in your system on the cellular level and this cleansing on the cellular level is most important thing for healthy life. 
If you are more than 30 years of age then two good meals a day is sufficient for you in winters, one in the morning and other in the evening. 
Few points to remember are – 

  • After the evening meal, there must be the minimum gap of 3 hours before going to bed. 
  • If there is a certain amount of physical activity you carried out like walking for 20-30 minutes then it will lead to the healthy and effective life and protect you from all types of seasonal diseases like cold, fever etc. 

Building Oxygen level into the blood
It is the second most important thing during the winter season. Because higher level of oxygen in the blood is the straight highway towards the good health. But that capability will go down during the winter season and especially for womens due to biological process happening in their body.
In winter the Hemoglobin content may go down and the ability to carry oxygen in the blood will come down, which make us feel more exhausted. 
To take care of this, you can consume a little bit of honey in warm water during the winter season and you will eventually feel in 20-30 days that the RBC content is increased. Honey has varied impacts on the system. If it is consumed with cold water it has different impact and if it is consumed with warm water it has various other impacts on the body system.
We need to consume it in warm water for better results because we want to open up our system in the winters. You should not put the honey in boiling water. If you do so then it will become UNHEALTHY leading to ill effects on the system. You must consume it with luke warm water.
Take Proper Rest During Winters
Rest is important during the winters, the requirement of the body is rest not the sleep. Sleep is just one form of rest and rest can be done in many ways. For example If you are running for 20 minutes then you just stand at one place for 5 minutes and you will feel refreshed. Same if you are sitting at one place for last 3 hours, you just stand for 10 minutes and you will feel relaxed. Rest means changing the Energy Equation, where consumption is lowered and production is going on at the same place.  
In winters the INERTIA get increased in our body and we use to feel sleepy all the time. So what you need to do is that just took the rest after every task you perform in the day by doing it vice – versa instead of going to the bed and taking a nap. 
One simple thing you can practice during the winter to get rest is – 

  • Just sit down, move your attention from your head to toes . 
  • And make your body loose and easy .
  • Then get relaxed at ease for as much time you can and you will figure out that after some time you will automatically feel less sleepy. 

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