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Let's have the complete glimpse of the episode.

1. iMumz
9 months of the child to be in the womb of the mother and till 2 years of the delivery, the time period is too crucial for the mother as well as for the baby. Ravi, Mayur from Bangalore and Dr. Jaideep from Agra came to stage of Shark Tank with the issues that mothers and expecting mothers faces and providing them solutions in terms of guidance and mentorship though their content and live classes.

They were seeking ₹70 lakh for 1% equity. 


As aforementioned about the issues they told that 2 years after the birth of the child is crucial for it’s development in terms of physical, emotional and mental. The kind of environment in we are living currently and divided into nuclear families, there is lack of the guidance and support to the new mothers. By their platform they are providing 24*7 support, guidance, mentorship and lifestyle coaching to the mothers to take care of themselves and for their babies.

Since started in 2020 till date they have 6 lakhs app downloads and 1.1 lakh active users out of which 30000 are paid customers. They run on the subscription model to access their content and live classes out of which 35% content is free of cost. In the 2 years they have generated the revenue of ₹2 Cr. 

Anupam was not satisfied with the current model in which they are working and stands out of the deal. Peyush made an offer of ₹10 lakhs for 1% equity and ₹60 lakh for 10% interest rate. Other sharks also were out.

The deal was closed with Peyush. 

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2. Healthy Binge
Karan and Pranav from Pune brought their healthy snacks brand “Healthy Binge”. These are the healthy millet chips with no palm oil, less calories, with equivalent nutrients, fibers and iron of apple, spinach, milk, egg etc.

Their ask was for ₹50 lakh for 5% equity. 


Since started in 2021 till date they sold more than 2 lakhs packets of chips. The are available on their website and marketplaces like amazon, flipkart. Their accumulated sales is around 56 lakhs. The mentioned that they own their own factory worth ₹1 Cr where they do all the millets processing, flouring, seasoning etc. 

When they present their snack to the sharks they all likes it for the taste. Anupam and Namita asked wether they are using any MSG content in the preparation as it was taste liked it, founders denied. They also got appreciation for the design and color of the packaging from the Sharks that they mention that both founders only did the designing.

Peyush made the very first offer for ₹50 lakh, 5% equity and he invited Aman to join him on the deal. Vineeta was out as she is already investor in one of the competitor brand


Anupam and Namita were also out.  

After asking some more questions and receiving satisfactory response from the founders, Aman joined hands with Peyush in the same deal. 

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3. Freakins
Puneet from Mumbai and Shaan from Ahmedabad brought their Fast fashion apparel brand Freakins. The entry of the brand was promising where the models captured the complete stage of the shark tank.

Their ask was for ₹70 lakh for 1% equity share.


They are more focused in the business of women’s denims as the problem faced by the women in the denim market in India in terms of size and design. They launch every week a new design.

Since they have been started 3 years back, they have done the sales of ₹2.5 lakh. They are available on their website and on the marketplaces like amazon, myntra, nykka, meesho. 

Anupam was out as he couldn’t find any differentiation and the designs looks complete mess to him. Also the equity structure and the clearance of the old debt was not looking good to him. 

Only Vineeta made them an offer for ₹50 lakh, 2.5% equity and ₹20 lakh debt at 12% interest rate. After the negotiation the deal was closed with Vineeta’s original offer.

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