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Modern lifestyle has indeed lost its touch when making a peace treaty with mind and body relationship. And the result is various stressed-based diseases, coronary problems, hypertension and many more. So, people are making one last attempt to change this devastating picture by engaging in ancient practices like Yoga. As confirmed by the studies, the majority of people are combining their lifestyle with Yoga for an effective and lasting mental peace. 

The origin speaks for everything
The origin of Yoga is believed to be in India. Since the beginning, this practice is infallibly changing people's lifestyle needs. In Indian culture, Yoga is considered the remedy for all kinds of disease, and now the entire world is adopting this notion. It has a scientific approach to healing the mind and body and works on spiritual needs. 

Layers of Yoga 
With time, from sadhus to normal people, the notion of Yoga is being passed on, from one generation to other. For example, there are eight limbs of Yoga that help regulate the human lifestyle and related problems. And a monk named Patanjali helped people know about these eight limbs and spread it among people. The eight limbs include Yamas, Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha.  
And not only these limbs, there are niyama or rules to follow while you attain the spirituality and come to know about your inner self. 

Yoga aims at living a healthy life
Yoga helps to foster balanced growth in a person's physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Yogic exercises regenerate the body with cosmic energy, lead a person to attain the equilibrium in the finest way possible, discard the negative blocks from the mind and thereby increase self-awareness. What more does a person need to live a perfectly healthy life? 
Yoga is an art. It is an art of controlling the mind. It brings a certain discipline to achieve the perfect equilibrium and manages stress and anxiety. The list doesn't end here, it improves breathing and vitality and produces energy. For some people, Yoga might seem just a method to stretch the body, but it is more than that. Yoga means inclusion, the inclusion of strength, energy and beauty to body, mind and soul.
Practicing Yoga regularly can transform our lifestyle completely in a positive way. It is a great solution when it comes to promoting mental peace. Additionally, it is one of the safest methods to combat multiple diseases.  


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