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As mentioned in the earlier write-up about the medical robots and their uses in medical industry, here we have come up with a clear view and to help you know about them in detail. Medical robots are divided into different categories like Surgical-Assistance Robots, modular robots, autonomous mobile robots, service robots and social robots. It will be better to clear your doubts and know about the specialties of the robots that are all set to transform the industry. Here are the details about these medical robots.

Surgical-Assistance Robots
Surgery is made far easier by using robots and AI. Surgical assistance robots have become more precise with the use of advanced technologies. The robots will help surgeons achieving new levels of speeding and accuracy and at the same time as performing complex operations with AI – a computer vision enabled with capable technologies. Surgical robots are counted as effective – completing tasks autonomously and at the same time as allowing surgeons to oversee procedures from a console.

importacne of medical robots

These types of robots are divided into different categories like:
Minimally Invasive Surgery – 
such types of surgeries include robotic hysterectomy, robotic prostatectomy, bariatric surgery, and soft tissue surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery - advanced devices are used to perform common orthopedic surgeries like knee and hip replacement. It is done by using robotic arms, 3D imaging, and data analytics and a lot more.
Not to mention the use of AI – the computer vision that will enable surgical robots to differentiate between types of tissue within their field of view. As far as computer vision is concerned, HD 3D models are used – mainly to provide surgeons with details and enhanced performance at the time of surgical procedure. It can be the right way in surgeon education.

Modular Robots
You have other options of choosing the best units of modular robots – configured to perform varied function in the same time. Some of the best option includes therapeutic exoskeleton robots and prosthetic robotic arms and legs too. Therapeutic robots are the part of modular robots –taken into use to help with rehabilitation after strokes, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries they are also used with impairments that are caused by multiple sclerosis. You can also choose wheelchair mounted robotic arms – developed by leading brands in this domain. They are required to help with spinal injuries – mainly to ease day to day jobs. They can also monitor varied forms of patient like prescribed exercise, measuring degree of motion in diverse positions and progress tracking in a precise way. It all happens when they are equipped with AI and depth cameras. 

AMR or Autonomous Mobile Robots 
Such types of medical robots are gaining popularity too – mainly by relying on the robot because of the ability to help with disinfection and other critical needs. They can also be used in varied other ways like delivery of medicine and medical supplies, keep the staff frees to spend more time with patient, and more benefits. They are equipped with light detection and ranging system, visual compute, mapping capabilities, and a lot more. You will also get a lot more from these robots like helping patient in checkups.

types of medical robots

Service Robots – the Part of AMR
Service robots are the type of AMR – used to relieve day to day burden on healthcare professionals. It is done by handling routine logistical tasks. They are used in the patient rooms and for tracking supplies and file purchase orders too. Not to mention their restock medical supply cabinets, transport fabrics for beds to/from laundry facilities and of course help in performing routine tasks that are often given by the operator or healthcare professional. These robots can also help in cleaning and disinfections by using UV lights along with hydrogen peroxide vapors, and air filtration to help reducing infections and to sanitize reachable places. 

Social Robots – Interacting Directly
They are also called as friendly robots that interact directly with the patient. They are frequently used in long-term care environments to provide social interaction and monitoring. They are helpful in keeping patients alert and positive.

Robotics in Healthcare and Medical Domain  
In the last couple of years, they have become the crucial part of medical domain working by accumulating machine learning, data analytics, computer version, and other technologies advancements. They are helpful in completing the task autonomously and more efficiently as well as in accurate way.

The Future of Robotics in the Medical Field ​​​​​​
As machine learning, data analytics, computer vision, and other technologies advance, medical robotics will evolve to complete tasks autonomously and more efficiently and accurately. On the other side, healthcare robotics is all set to evolve next to advancements in machine learning, data analytics, computer vision and other technologies too.
Varied big brands are working in this domain bringing to you the advanced series of robots for medical and healthcare domain.


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