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The dimension of wellness is a complete model for a healthier lifestyle, and to live a long healthy life, takes effort. That effort categorizes into a dimension of wellness, and this wellness completely depends on how you regulate your life. All dimensions are more or less interconnected and may result in improved health for young to adults. Therefore, the most important element in promoting wellness in all ages is their active participation in the dimension of wellness. 
Let’s take a look at how you can shape your life to secure the complete wellness process. 

Design balance 
A balanced life is an important part of achieving wellness. Creating balance includes a dependency on culture, surroundings, resources, etc. A balanced life means when you have time for things that you like to do and what can make you feel happy. Although balance differs a variety of meanings as everyone has their own needs and references to fulfil. It includes working at the office, having fun times with friends and family, relaxing, sleeping, etc. Although rebalancing yourself is also important to adjust to every possible event in life from time to time. So, whether you are under stress, trauma, illness, or any emotional challenge, by balancing your life properly, you can get a longer, happier life compared to others who don’t yet add balance to their activities. 

Bond with family and friends 
What makes you feel happy? It can be anything like when you get the chance to express your thoughts to your loved ones, the time you spend with them or even the support you get from them- these things can make you happy. But other than happiness, when you face any emotional or physical turmoil, you need their support and advice. Embracing that support can improve your mental health. At this point, the spiritual, social and emotional dimensions play their part. So, bonding with others triggers the different aspects of wellness. 

Bond with different dimensions 
It is true that these dimensions are inextricably connected with human life. For example, when you worry about monetary matters like debt or other expenses, you feel anxious, which is part of the emotional dimension. This can lead to a medical emergency, which falls under the physical dimension and trouble at work, the occupational one. And lastly, when this happens, you may question your sense of meaning and purpose; this falls under the spiritual dimension. There you have it! So, wellness is how we live our lives and what we experience, whereas the dimensions are its definitions. 
These dimensions of wellness create a strong foundation for a healthy and happy life, and none of it can be neglected. Veterans who follow this dimension are prone to live life much longer than others. 


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