Bharat Badal Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 26 S2

From Quirky styles clothing to the platform for college students and jobseekers to get good offers and an alternative idea to green tea, pitchers presented their ideas in front of Sharks.

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Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 26

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, the television show "Bharat Badal Raha Hai" has become a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced investors, commonly referred to as the Sharks. This article delves into the highlights of a recent episode, showcasing the pitches made by three innovative startups: Gavin Paris, unstop, and Blue Tea.


Gavin Paris: Quirky Style Clothing

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - Gavin Paris

Gavin Paris, a unique clothing brand founded by Kishor and Ashutosh, made a memorable pitch in the episode. The brand, established in February 2022, focuses on offering unconventional clothing styles to its target audience. During their presentation, the Sharks were impressed by the quality, designs, and affordability of Gavin Paris products.


The founders emphasized their focus on quirky styles, oversized t-shirts, and printed co-ord sets. They have successfully generated sales of ₹1.7 Crore in the past 7 months, with a gross margin of 60%. Notably, the brand's profit margin stands at a commendable 18%, saving ₹200 per t-shirt. However, the Sharks were disappointed to learn that Ashutosh, the CTO of Gavin Paris, had not yet received any equity despite his significant contributions to the business.

During the negotiation phase, Ashutosh received valuable advice from the Sharks to stand up for himself and demand a fair share of equity. While most of the Sharks withdrew from the deal due to Kishor's reluctance to offer Ashutosh a substantial stake, Anupam expressed his disappointment and emphasized the importance of fairness and wisdom in business decision-making.

Unstop: A Platform for Students and Job Seekers


Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - unstop

Ankit, the founder of unstop, presented a groundbreaking online platform designed to connect organizations with suitable candidates and provide students and job seekers with opportunities to participate in events and receive rewards. The platform has already garnered registrations from over 40 lakh students and engaged with 200 companies.

Unstop's journey began as a blog called "Dare2Complete" in 2017 and eventually evolved into an online tech platform. Ankit sought an investment of ₹1 Cr for a 1% equity share in the company. The projections for this year indicate a revenue of ₹30-35 Cr with an impressive gross margin of 90%.


During the pitch meeting, Amit made a generous offer of ₹5 Cr for 10% equity, surpassing Ankit's initial ask. However, Ankit decided to consider all offers and hear from the other Sharks. Eventually, a combined offer of ₹60 Lakh for 1% equity and ₹40 Lakh Debt at 12% interest rate from Aman and Namita caught Ankit's attention. After further negotiation, Amit revised his offer to ₹2.5 crore for a 5% stake, which Anupam agreed to join, leading to a successful partnership.

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Blue Tea: Ayurvedic and Unique


Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - Blue Tea

Blue Tea, a product presented by Sunil and Nitesh, captivated the Sharks with its unique qualities and benefits over traditional green tea. This Ayurvedic tea, made from extracts of Aparajita or Shankhpushpi flowers, boasts a soothing taste without bitterness and contains antioxidants that aid weight loss and promote healthy skin. Additionally, Blue Tea is caffeine-free and helps relieve stress.

The founders claimed that their product is available in 50 different flavors and is currently being sold in 12 countries through online channels. However, the Sharks became skeptical due to the founders' exaggerated claims and use of gimmicks during the pitch. Amit even referred to them as "topibaz."


Despite the initial skepticism, a deal was eventually reached. Aman presented an offer of Rs. 15 Lakh for 5% equity and Rs. 60 Lakh as debt at a 12% interest rate. The founders countered with a proposal of Rs. 50 Lakh for 2% equity and 25 Lakh debt at 12% interest. Finally, the deal was closed at Rs. 50 Lakh for 3% equity and 25 Lakh debt at 12% interest.

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In this episode of Bharat Badal Raha Hai, Gavin Paris, unstop, and Blue Tea showcased their innovative ideas and received valuable feedback from the Sharks. The entrepreneurs demonstrated their determination and passion for their respective businesses, and some successfully secured deals with the panel of investors. The show continues to serve as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain exposure, receive guidance, and potentially secure investments to propel their businesses forward.

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