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In the last few years, a big change in the society can be seen as people are focusing more on their career rather than family planning. Due to running behind success in professional life and to achieve their career targets, they often miss the golden age of becoming parent and struggle hard to complete their family naturally. Some other known and unknown reasons also block the ways to conceiving successfully like medical complexities, missing fallopian, poor egg quality, or sperm count. For women, the best period to become a mother is counted between 21 and 30 years of age (for Indian women; while the age ratio may be different for women from the United States of America and UK). Due to career concern, they often miss the key time-frame.

What Are the Main Reasons to Look for Surrogacy?
Ageing is another big factor for the couples that may create big hurdles on their way to becoming parent. Rather than blaming each other or trying conceiving naturally even for months, it will be better to think beyond and consult with experienced gynecologists or infertility specialists who can recommend the best treatment procedure and suggest you some of the innovative artificial ways of fulfilling your desire for parenthood. If the female partner is unable to continue her journey for successful pregnancy, it will be better to try IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) and the next level of the procedure – called as surrogacy.

Surrogacy–a Successful Way of Becoming Parent with Genetic Connection
As far as surrogacy is concerned, it is a procedure done with the help of IVF to develop embryo in the labs and then transfer it into the uterus of a third person (a healthy woman who can carry pregnancy). It is a mutual understanding and a noble deed for the carrier to help a childless couple in fulfilling their desire of parenting. Interesting thing about the surrogacy is that you will have a genetic connection with the baby who will be on the earth. The embryo is developed by taking the egg and sperms of the partners and in some cases any one of them can be a donor. Through cryopreservation method, the embryo is developed in the laboratories, and then transferred to the womb of the surrogate. As soon as pregnancy is confirmed after test, the treatment procedure will be started and she will be kept under observation by the specialists.

What Is the Status of Surrogacy in India?
In some countries, surrogacy is not legal; while some allow it. In India, a few certain terms and conditions are required to follow. If the medical reports of the intended parents prove that they need support from other to complete their families, they can get this procedure done. Some single parents from the entertainment industry have got the pleasure of parenting through surrogacy. It is also an ideal way for those, who have crossed the age of healthy pregnancy, and want to become parent. Surrogacy procedure can be a little expensive, but ideal for intended parents to have a baby with genetic connection.



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