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Surrogacy is the most crucial and successful procedure to help in growing the family. Here, you need to know about the procedure to get pregnancy in successful way. No matter, whether you are interested in growing family through surrogacy or want to give the gift of parenthood as a surrogate, varied questions about the surrogacy take places; while curiosity level increases to next level. It will be better to know about the surrogacy procedure–pretty straightforward. Knowing about the process of working will help you feel more confident as you begin your surrogacy journey.
Here are a few key steps to follow for successful results of surrogacy to grow your family.

The First Crucial Decision Is to Decide–Whether Surrogacy Is Right For Your or Not?
Become a surrogate or parent is a long journey full of emotions, excitement, and sometimes confusions. You are advised to do proper research on surrogacy laws, and know about its pros and cons. You are advised to speak with professionals to understand the procedure and know whether it is right for you or not.
As a surrogate, you should consider it is a life-changing decision. You need to be preparing medically, physically, and of course psychologically. As a single parent or couples, you should educate yourself first and know about the risks and benefits of surrogacy. You should be prepared for financial and emotional investment.

Choose the Right Type of Surrogacy Program
You should know about the surrogacy programs–traditional and gestational. In traditional surrogacy, surrogate is the biological mother of the child as her eggs are fertilized with the sperms of intended father or a donor. IUI is the procedure used for this type of surrogacy. On the other side, gestational surrogacy is also becoming popular-in which surrogate is not biologically related to the baby. The embryo that is developed by using egg and sperms of the partners (any one of them can be a donor) are transferred through IVF procedure.
You are advised to consult with surrogacy attorneys or an agency. A contract signing procedure is required to complete to protect the rights of both parties.
An intended parent, you must consider some key points like:

  • Surrogacy Options that is Ideal for you and whether you need donor sperm or eggs
  • Whether you know a surrogate or need matching services
  • You will work with an agency for the entire process or want to get it done on your own.

Find a Match – the Most Crucial Step for Successful Procedure
You need to find the right surrogate or get some better opportunities from an agency. Getting in touch with surrogacy attorney is crucial. However, staying in touch with a professional surrogacy agency will solve your queries. They offer you attractive plans and packages that include cost of everything. A surrogate is selected after proper screening, medical checkups, and by knowing about her history and background. Race, religion, age, sexual orientation, personality, etc are some of the key points taken into consideration, when it comes to find the surrogate. A surrogacy specialist work for you to ensure you is getting a healthy surrogate, who will carry pregnancy for you.

Legal Requirements and Sign a Contract or Get An Agreement Made
Legal requirements are crucial to fulfill. A contract sign or an agreement is required to complete to protect the rights of intended parents and surrogate too. The legal procedure is completed in the presence of attorney.

Role of IVF Treatment in Completing Surrogacy Successfully
It may seem easy to talk about the surrogacy, but the reality is far different because a step-by-step procedure is required to follow and carefully by paying attention to each and every minor point. IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization is the crucial step in completing the entire process of surrogacy successfully. IVF is the key process to develop embryo and then transfer into the uterus of the surrogate.

Ovulation Induction Is the First Step–Starts with Medication and Administered to Encourage the Maturation of Ovarian Follicles
Here, a fertility specialist plays a key role-monitors hormone levels and ovarian progress. It is done to ensure the follicles that are responding optimally.

Egg Collection is the Next Crucial Step of the Entire Process
Eggs are collected after ovulation and by using a fine needle that passes through the vaginal area. It is done to retrieve eggs from mature follicles.

Fertilization and Embryo Development Are Done to Continue the Process of IVF
Egg and sperms (from partners or any one or both can be donor) are collected for the fertilization procedure in laboratories. It is done by an experienced embryologist to develop several embryos over a period of one week. It is the most crucial stage to reach the Blastocyst Stage.

Embryo Transfer Is the Most Important Stage That Needs More Attention
Here the challenging step takes place after embryo development. The embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate for successful implantation. Intended parents have an option to get benefits of Cryopreservation to keep the remaining embryos protected and preserved to get developed in future.
After a week or two, a pregnancy test is done through urine or other methods to confirm the pregnancy. A specialist will play a crucial role to observe the development and continue the treatment procedure.

Find Surrogacy Clinics for Successful Procedure
Some renowned surrogacy clinics have come up with successful procedures to help intended parents or single intended parent to fulfill their desire of growing their families with a genetic connection. The cost of IVF for surrogacy may be around 2 Lakhs (sometimes lower or higher; while packages are provided to cover the entire cost for the successful procedure).
There are a number of big names in this domain helping childless couples to fulfill their desire. Do a bit search online or go on the recommendation of someone who has already taken such services and you will be moving on the right track to success.


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